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Progression Moves at the pace of Government

Updated: Jun 4

This is my first time doing anything like this. Several people open a business, get a loan, and move into a space with minor remodel. I am going to into a space that I have to fully remodel, and convert into a bakery. There are several rooms currently in the building- but no kitchen, hood system, plumbing... electrical has to be updated. Literally its a rebuild. I promise I am working diligently on getting this project open, but wow. The pace! I am learning these things take time, and also move at a much slower tempo than I am used to.

The current update: The building is untouched and looks the same. You would have no idea, looking at the building, that big plans are in the works. I go in every week to check it, talk to it like a loon, and tell it to hold tight because better things are coming. I walk the area where my kitchen will be, the pastry counter, the seating. I gaze out the windows, visualizing the space and feeling behind me. What it smells like, feels like, the sounds you hear: the whole experience. Then I walk the basement, the poor thing floods, but thats fine. I clean it, knowing that issue will be fixed soon.

I am then working with a whole team of several others including: Grant Writers, Architect, General Contractor, Equipment Guy, Kitchen Designer, Project Advisor, my mother, The Village, DDA, Township, Jackson County Health Department, the MLCC, my father, my amazing Branding and Marketing Consultant, Coffee guy, and a few more. Thats literally a hand full of folks, not even including the team and the bank for the loan, and a handful on highly opinionated locals. I am so grateful they are all working with me and want to see this vision through- but hot damn. The timelines!! I know I can't vent or use anyones names publicly, but wow. Lets just say- things are working but at a snails pace while on the contrary, my bank accounts and credit cards are draining as fast as the Titanic went down.

We have our final design, and currently the drawing are being drawn by the architect for mechanical, lighting plans, plumbing locations, ect. I am currently waiting on a few moving parts so we can submit for a grant that if we get, would fund a large portion of this project. We can't move forward with literally anything until I have funding- and the first step to that is the grant. In the interim, I have been buying equipment, working on a lovely rebrand and new logos and everything, design ideas with my mother, business items with my father, recipe testing, organizing, training materials, and several other items.

While all this is working, I will also be at The Chelsea Farmers Market for this season! Along with the Grass Lake Farmers Market a couple times a month. I am excited to share with you all the recipes I have been working on, and share more items with you. More updates to come soon!

K. Marie

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