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Getting Ready for The Market

Market Season. Always filled with early mornings, late nights, excitement, hopes, sense of community and the ability to share something new and be part of creating happiness. Its also filled with a good dose of anxiety: how the hell am I going to pull this off this year? I am a last minute, work under pressure person. Market is in 9 days, and I currently only have an idea in my head and a few items coming from amazon right now. This will be last minute.

Things are different this year! Now I'm not complaining, I love a good challenge and feel very grateful to be in this position with the best people surrounding me. My full time job is going through transitions and getting more demanding, plus getting the brick and mortar storefront even started with construction is like watching molasses travel uphill in January. Add everything that comes with opening and designing a business, and sprinkle in a fixer upper house, a super cute new boyfriend, a couple dogs, and trying to be a human. Oh right- and baking delicious goodies for the community I am so proud to call my home. I really do love baking for everyone, but you know me- I am a bit of a perfectionist and apply stupid amounts of pressure to myself. But I digress, this post is not about this. Its about the true meaning of support.

You hear of people speak of their family and friends about how supportive they are with encouraging words, or small gifts to show their love and appreciation. Or people showing gratitude towards clients, fans, and family for keeping them in business- all of which are amazing signs of support. Even a good bra- amazing support and helps your posture. I feel the support system I have is truly next level, and I need to share that with you, dear reader who may or may not be reading this and I'm not sure anyone ever will. I don't advertise it, it's for me. Anyway....

Family support is strong. Did you know my mother helps me bake every week, does the famous macarons, and even cooks me dinner and brings it to my house so I can eat? I often don't have time to cook for myself during market season, and she keeps me in a good spot. Her and my father will even help clean my house, knowing how much a dirty house stresses me out. My father quit his weekend job to devote his time to the market on the weekends for this year, and cutting my lawn! What? Yea- thats support. He will officially be my first paid employee. I am very excited for that, but there also comes different pressure with that. Oh- and because I am tight on start up funds, I need to go big this year for the market to continue to raise funds for the storefront. Like, 2 ovens big. My amazing brother literally upgraded my homes electrical (from 100 to 200 amp service) and put in an outlet to compensate for my second commercial oven. I can also run several mixers at a time without blowing a fuse now! These are just a few examples of the level of support I have, not even mentioning the full Christmas story staying up till 3am with my parents making 'Buche de Hells', then me having a mental breakdown and trying to quit my own business and dissolve Beeton's. We've moved past that point (and learned a lot about burnout and self care in the process)- due to the support I get from my family.

I can't thank all my workers, sub contractors, guests and clients and locals as well, without your support, I literally wouldn't be baking for anyone, or turning in building permits. You all are incredible and amazing. Thank you, and I am so excited to see you soon at the Market!

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