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Current Status: Elbows Deep

The Market has started! We got our first month done, and I am very happy with the progression and tempo of production to feed and supply the community with our items! I am taking this weekend off the market to preemptively relax, and going on a trip with my boyfriend (yes- he is still around!). The current status of the project, honestly I am elbows deep in all areas!

Working with the bank right now for the underwriting process for the loan has been slow, and the need for more cash I knew was coming, but the pressure of it is setting in. I feel crazy each night calculating my paychecks, weekly grocery bills (lentils are fueling me right now) market sales, and debating to start selling foot photos or not on the dark web. That one is still up for debate. But the underwriting process is slow- but moving forward!

I am saying yes to every custom order that comes my way, all while trying to make it look easy so my parents don't get worried about me and my boyfriend thinks I have it together. My dogs both look at the me like I am crazy, and I keep going to bed with something crusty in my hair. Buttercream? Tart crust? The other night was meringue. I am very clean and neat assembling and baking, but clean up time I let loose, put on music and let the batters fly- clearly into my hair. It is very entertaining when I am baking on my day off with messy hands crumbling butter for sable dough, or hand mixing a delicate cream for a tart: and my boss calls me to discuss business initiatives for my full time job. I pop in my air pods, hope he doesn't hear the chaos in the background, and keep going. I will vent to my mother about the polarizing juggle- and she reminds me to not think and just do- keep going. I swear if anyone is still reading this blog you are going to think I am nuts. This is mental release outlet for me, haha. Thank you for reading :)

The building progression is coming along. We just received the final drawing of the architectural plans a couple days ago. These included the floors, ceilings, all the good stuff. We have a couple minor edits still, but so close. I never realized how many opinions I had on the design until I was arguing over 6in. Just know, every detail has been thought of when this place actually opens!

Plans are getting finalized, and other items have been submitted. The liquor license is moving forward, and we are almost ready to submit for the Grant (the one that would 50% fund my project) but we are waiting on the bank, and one more government meeting for that. Everything is held up by the grant, due to its funding power. So the project cannot start until I have funds. The site plans are being reviewed by the city in July, and hopefully those go over well. I am delegating that to my father, while I am tackling the Health Department. All of this is happening while I am baking, and working 50 hours at my full time job. I am looking to hire my second employee though soon to help me bake! That will free up some time to work on the legal side of my business and paperwork, menus, and dream up of other offers for the community. In the meantime, I am keeping my head down and baking, elbows deep, in gluten free flour, sugar and butter. Trust me, I love the juggle and baking for everyone, while I am venting in areas of the blog- I love what I am doing and so grateful for the community and everyone, it has been the most fun adventure I have been on yet.

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